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Hear us Roar

Dec 8, 2022

This week’s podcast is with Sita Romero (Words We Cannot Say, Red Adept Publishing, April 2022). Sita’s background as a former doula informs her first novel, which she describes as a complex story of motherhood, infertility, and women’s traditional roles. She purposely set out to explore narratives that are often quieted and found agents loved her book but struggled with how to sell it. It wasn’t until she delved into her own feelings about what she wanted her book to be and why she wanted it published that she found the right path for her. We discuss the process of working with a publisher’s editorial staff and how editing non-fiction is exactly the opposite of novel editing and what it’s like to publish two books back to back in the space of only 3 months.  

Sita Romero received her MFA in creative writing from Queens University of Charlotte. Before writing full-time, Sita worked in women’s health for 15 years. She grew up in Florida and now lives in Virginia. Her debut novel, Words We Cannot Say (April 2022), is out now with Red Adept Publishing. Her debut memoir, Vanishing Shoals (July 2022), is out now with L10 Press Unzipped.

To learn more about Sita, click this link.