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Hear us Roar

Aug 17, 2023

This week’s podcast guest is Angela Cairns (Touch, indie published August 2022). A resident of the UK, Angela’s fiction is informed by her work as a physiotherapist and healer. We talk about the rich history of storytelling and its ability to reach people at a deep emotional level and her belief that moving even one reader makes all the hard work behind producing a novel worthwhile. An entrepreneur at heart, Angela initially went the agent/publisher route but then, spurred on by the premature death of a beloved friend, she decided life’s too short and began to educate herself on the ins and outs of self-publishing. The result is her 4-book series which follows a woman as she navigates life’s milestones.

Angela writes books for people who love people and life in all its tangled glory – for those who quietly work for transformation and believe in happy endings.  In her books, you will find resilient, relatable heroines with warm hearts who try to do the next right thing despite difficult circumstances and their own saboteur voices.Her first novel, Touch, became an Amazon best-seller. There are now four novels in the Ellie Rose Series. Her first historical romance novel, A Song for Kitty, is due for release on 24th August 2023 by The Book Reality Experience and Leschenault Press.

Her short stories have been published in ‘Yours’ magazine and feature regularly on the radio. She is a regular guest on writing podcasts and summits.Angela is also a writing coach and passionate about people being inspired to write. She believes that creativity can be messy, and scary, but we must do it anyway. The world needs each unique voice – and if not you, then who can write your truth? Married with two grown lads and three grandsons, Angela is owned by two Gordon Setter dogs.

 To learn more about Angela, click here.