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Hear us Roar

Nov 19, 2020

Twenty years ago, Anju Gattani saw a fully-formed scene in her dreams and it turned into the last scene in Book 2 of what is planned as a 5-book series, Winds of Fire.  She tells how she cycled through four agents and 200 rejections before finding the perfect publisher (Scarsdale Publishing), and the exciting news of her story being optioned for a long-form television series by by Justin Shenkarow, Double Strings Inc. for adaptation to film / TV series only days before we spoke. Who says persistence doesn’t pay off?

Gattani is a fiction author, freelance journalist, writing instructor, blogger and former newspaper reporter, She was born in India but grew up in Hong Kong. She has also lived and published cover stories, short fiction, features, news stories, interviews, travel articles and and opinion pieces in Singapore, India, Australia, New Jersey and Connecticut. She has finally put her roots down in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, where she lives with her husband, two dashing boys and a rebel lion-head rabbit. 

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