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Hear us Roar

Sep 29, 2022

This week’s podcast is with Cheryl Corriveau (The Demanding River, Fulton Books, July 2021). We discuss how Cheryl tapped into her own experiences running a boat dealership in Florida when she outlined the plot of her debut including dealing with hurricanes, drug dealers and blatant misogyny, her persistence in searching for a way to publish her novel, and why she’s known in her neighborhood as Mrs. Fierce.  

Cheryl Corriveau is a native Floridian. Being an only child, her parents instilled in her that the word can’t didn’t exist. She has always been an entrepreneur. After her day of teaching high school students, she coached the girls’ basketball B, and tennis teams. She also taught evening real estate licensing classes. She spent her summer months at CBS Network as their pilot television program coordinator. After twenty years, she retired from the classroom and became education director of a large real estate franchise corporation. Cheryl has owned and operated several businesses—a real estate corporation, an aerial photography business, a commercial interior design business. Her love for boats led her to become the sole proprietor of a boat dealership on the St. Johns River. Her real-life experiences in the boating business inspired her to write the fiction novel The Demanding River.