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Hear us Roar

Mar 2, 2023

This week’s podcast is with Erin Litteken (The Memory Keeper of Kyiv, Boldwood Books, May 2022). We discuss the serendipitous timeliness of her book, which examines the tactic of Holodomor (or  forced starvation) which Russia utilized during their invasion of Ukraine in the 1930’s, her experiences with a newer small press based in England, her best advice to beginning writers, and her love of the rabbit hole called research. Added bonus: hear her formula for getting 5500+ reviews on Amazon in less than ten months.    

 Erin Litteken is an international bestselling author of historical fiction. Her debut, THE MEMORY KEEPER OF KYIV, has been translated into fourteen languages and was the 2022 winner of the She Reads Best Historical Fiction Award. With a degree in history and a passion for research, Erin draws inspiration from her family roots, and in particular, her great-grandmother’s stories about life in Ukraine before, during, and after WWII. She lives outside of St. Louis with her husband and two children. 

To learn more about Erin, click here.