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Hear us Roar

Oct 20, 2022

Our podcast guest this week is Harriet Cannon (Exiled South, Koehler Books, January 2022). Hear how Harriet, who has dyslexia, works around this in her writing, including using foam story boards and memorizing passages to read at presentations. Her background as a family therapist and work with addictions helps her dig deep into character’s motivations and she also writes a detailed study of the location of her books, stating that “place” is just as important sometimes as a character for a novelist.

Harriet Cannon is a writer with Southern roots and wanderlust who has lived in seven US States and Internationally. Harriet’s first career, for thirty years, was as a psychotherapist with an intercultural specialty.  In addition to private practice, she served as a consultant to the Boeing company, International Schools, and worked for the US State Department in Chile. Harriet is co-author of Mixed Blessings: A Guide to Multicultural and Multiethnic Relationships. After a decade participating in writing groups and classes, writing essays and short stories as a side hobby, Harriet now writes fiction full time. Exiled South is her debut novel. Harriet and her husband live in on the Olympic Peninsula of Washington State and have two grown children and four grandchildren nearby.

To learn more about Harriet, click here.