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Hear us Roar

Nov 24, 2022

This week's interview is with Judy Lannon (Nine Days, Atmosphere Press, March 2022).A novice at writing, Judy was inspired to write her novel after advising a young woman about not only the emotions involved but the practical steps needed to deal with the passing of an aging parent. She describes herself as an undisciplined writer, not keeping to a regular schedule or setting word count goals but instead writing when the mood strikes her. Even though she didn’t start marketing her book until after it was published, she’s nevertheless found success with one-on-one selling in her New England community.  

Judy was born and raised on the south shore of MA and considers herself fortunate to have spent all her childhood summers in Harwich Port, a small seaside community situated on Nantucket Sound on Cape Cod. “My mother would pick us up on the last day of school, drive us to the cape house for the summer, returning home sometimes as late as the morning of the first day of school.”

Today Judy and her husband live in Orleans, still on Cape Cod, with their two perfectly imperfect standard poodles. She still spends as much time as possible on the beach, Nauset or bayside, running the dogs on the flats, looking for sea glass and always appreciating the beauty of where she lives.

Note: Nine Days reads like a memoir, but it is literary contemporary family fiction. Judy Lannon writes with wit, humor, and compassion, about family, living, and dying and describes her dramatic characters as complex and complicated with a sense of familiarity.

To learn more about Judy, click here.