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Hear us Roar

May 19, 2022

This novel has its roots in Karen seeking answers as a mother as to how to raise a good son which eventually resulted in her fulfilling her lifelong dream to live on a Greek island for a year, where she was disciplined enough to write her first draft, despite the lure of the seaside location. We talk about synchronicity—how sometimes a book or a person or a place comes along at precisely the moment your spirit needs it, and how Karen came to embrace the indie route to publishing as the best vehicle to make her voice heard.  

Karen Martin has worked as an independent writer and director in theatre performance for over thirty years, and written and produced many notable theatre scripts as well as physical narratives for circus performance, touring nationally and internationally. She contributed to several non-fiction books: The Women’s Circus: Leaping the Wire, and Women in Theatre: Ewa Czajor Memorial Award Recipients, and received a Local History Award for the writing and publication of two booklets on her award-winning production of The Women’s Jail Project (TWJP:A History; TWJP: A Performance).

Dancing the Labyrinth is her debut novel and the first book in her themed series Women Unveiled. 

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