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Hear us Roar

Feb 23, 2023

Listen to this week’s podcast with our guest Karen Winn (Our Little World, Dutton, May 2022). Karen’s an example of how helpful writing conferences can be as she met her dream agent at a Muse and the Marketplace event in Boston and then worked with her on an extensive revision before going out on sub. Hear what it’s like to publish through an imprint of the Big Five, including cover design, titling (hint: they may change it), and book promotion and how part of Karen’s journey has been homing in on what works best for her in terms of both writing process and generating ideas.

Karen Winn's debut novelOur Little World, was published in May 2022 with Dutton/ Penguin Random House.  Having been a nurse for decades, she is now pursuing writing as a second career.  Karen's short stories and essays have appeared in Hippocampus, Lithub, Writers Digest, and elsewhere.  Originally from New Jersey, where she obtained a low-residency MFA from Fairleigh Dickinson University, she now lives in Boston with her husband and children.      

To learn more about Karen, click here.