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Hear us Roar

Oct 6, 2022

In this podcast, Kerry Chaput and I discuss how researching her genealogy inspired her trilogy of historical fiction, how she’s a big believer in writers being clear about their branding and positioning in the marketplace, and why she’s crazy about TikTok.  

Kerry Chaput is an award-winning historical fiction author. She believes in the power of stories that highlight young women, first love, and found families. Her debut Daughter of the King has remained in the top one-hundred bestsellers for Historical French Fiction since its 2021 release, with the sequel set for publication in March 2023. A lifelong history nerd, Kerry spends her free time researching women’s contributions to history, which she highlights on her successful TikTok page. Born and raised in California, she now lives in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, where she can be found on hiking trails and in coffee shops.

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