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Hear us Roar

Jul 28, 2022

Luisa's debut began as a recording of her mother’s life growing up in a small village in southern Italy and her journey to break free from the poverty and bleakness of her environment, but quickly grew into a historical novel tracing the journey of a gutsy, independent young woman yearning for a better life. Luisa also discusses publishing through a crowd-sourcing method of finance whereby pre-orders paid for most of her initial costs as well as providing her with a solid group of immediate and loyal fans.  

Luisa, affectionately known for her Italian heritage and nurturing traits, is an award-winning real estate agent who lives in the Philadelphia area with her husband and three sons. When she’s not writing or selling houses, Luisa can be found on the tennis courts, on a yoga mat, or in the kitchen. Luisa is known for her natural cooking abilities and effortless entertaining skills. Scents of tomato and basil drift through her welcoming home as she regularly delights her friends and family with Sunday dinners – experiences she’s carried from her own youth that helped to inspire her novel.

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