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Hear us Roar

Sep 25, 2020

Marolyn is our first international podcast, coming to us from across the globe in New Zealand, where she lives with her wife and two children.  A journalist from her early twenties, Marolyn decided to try her hand at a novel after the U.S. 2016 election left her frustrated.  Her heroine struggles with whether to stay away from protesting or dive back into life as a full-time activist. Not only did she publish her story in e-book form but also made it available as a long-form podcast.

Marolyn (she/her) was born in downtown Los Angeles in 1974. Her character driven stories are strategically designed to make you laugh, or not. Her first novel, The Radicals, is available as an ebook on Amazon or a podcast wherever you get your podcasts. Marolyn lives in a small city in New Zealand with her wife, two children and a small dog.

To learn more about Marolyn, click here.