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Hear us Roar

Feb 23, 2023

This week’s podcast is with Melanie Mitzner (Slow Reveal, Inanna Publishing, May 2022). Melanie started her writing career as a playwright and screenwriter but switched to the novel form for this story of an artist examining her life choices in 1990’s New York. We discuss her decision to print with Inanna (renowned feminist press), differences when you publish in Canada, the research needed to capture a specific time period, and what’s involved in creating characters who differ from you in terms of gender, heritage, and lifestyle.

The novel Slow Reveal, was published by York University's Inanna Publications on May 3, 2022, is a Best of Women’s Fiction Debut 2022 and Fiction Bestseller at Berkeley distributor SPD Books. An excerpt of her novel Too Good To Be True was published in the Harrington Lesbian Quarterly.  An Edward Albee fellow for her screenplay Zero Gravity, she was a finalist in the Writers Guild East Foundation Fellowships for her screenplay Dodge and Burn. Her screenplays In The Name of Love and Out to Lunch were finalists in the Houston Film Festival Screenwriting Competition. She was awarded fiction grants from Vermont Studio Center and Summer Literary Seminars . As a journalist, she covered the tech industry, television production and visual effects.  Her work is published in Wine Spectator, Gay and Lesbian Review,Vol1Brooklyn, Bloom and San Francisco Bay Times. Interviews and excerpts are on Open-Book, the syndicated Rainbow Country radio show, Glad Day Bookshop TV and Hasty Booklist. She’s a member of the Writers Union of Canada, ELAN and Quebec Writers Federation.  

To learn more about Melanie, click here.