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Hear us Roar

Mar 16, 2023

This week’s podcast guest is RLynn Johnson (Cry of the Heart, MilSpeak Books, May 2022). Taking inspiration from her years spent in the JAG Corps of the DOD, Robin fashioned a story of long-term female friendship and her first-hand experiences of being a female officer in the Army into her debut novel and then through a networking contact, found a publisher who specializes in stories told by military personnel, under the non-profit MilSpeak Foundation. But now that she’s caught the writing bug, she’s trying out the cozy mystery genre for her next endeavor. 

RLynn Johnson, a military brat herself, is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps. Over the course of her military career, she served in California, the Republic of Korea, Alaska, Maryland, Kansas, Virginia, Florida, Washington, DC, and the United Kingdom. She now works as an international law attorney for the Department of Defense and lives with her rescue dogs, Dot and Dash, on the Pinellas County beaches. Johnson’s debut novel, Cry of the Heart, was released by MilSpeak Books in May 2022. She is also a contributing author to Invisible Veterans: What Happens When Military Women Become Civilians Again, edited by Dr. Kate Hendricks Thomas and Dr. Kyleanne Hunter (2019).

To learn more about Robin, click here.