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Hear us Roar

Apr 1, 2021

Sarah's lifelong obsession with Dartmouth as well as her fascination with the challenges that faced her mother's generation of women in the early '70's sparked the idea for this historical novel, which she wrote after spending seven years on a previous one that garnered her an agent but never sold.  We discuss how she reached out directly to bookstores once the pandemic hit, the long tail of book promotion, and the difficulty of judging which marketing techniques really affect book sales.

Sarah McCraw Crow grew up in Virginia but has lived most of her adult life in New Hampshire. She's a graduate of Dartmouth College, Stanford University, and Vermont College of Fine Arts. When it comes to fiction writing (and reading), Sarah is obsessed with women's lives and the drama of family life. She also loves the Seventies. She lives on an old farm in New Hampshire, and when she's not reading or writing, she's probably gardening or snowshoeing (depending on the weather). Find Sarah on Instagram: @sarahmccrawcrow.

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