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Hear us Roar

Nov 12, 2018

Give a listen and learn how a home remodeling project provided the idea for Sarahlyn's her debut novel, how doing improv has helped her writing, and how being an book coach continues to feed her creative spirit.

Sarahlyn grew up in the Bay Area and spent a great deal of time in Southern California, where she attended college before moving to West Hollywood. The years of living and working in L.A. gave her a taste for the fun, fast, ambitious, and creative people involved in the entertainment industry. When she and her family moved to Philadelphia in the summer of 2007, she fell in love with the east coast feeling of being close to the center of politics and culture, but she never forgot or lost her affection for the buzz of the entertainment industry. Her latest novel, Daytime Drama, was born of that love and the cold Philadelphia winter. 

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