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Hear us Roar

Aug 25, 2022

Our guest this week is Georgina Key (Shiny Bits In Between, Balance of Seven, June 2020).  Georgina’s novel explores the grief of a mother losing a child and finding solace in both the natural coastal beauty of the Bolivar Peninsula near Galveston as well as human connections with others also mourning a loss. Though she debuted during the worst months of the pandemic, Georgina was supported by friends and family around the globe, sponsoring one of the first on-line launch parties and continues two years later to not only write her next book but visit book clubs in person and virtually to encourage others to embrace the resilience of the human spirit.

Georgina Key is an award-winning author whose debut novel, Shiny Bits In Between, is a recipient of the Phoenix prize for Best New Voice of 2020 (Kops-Fetherling International Book Award) and a finalist for the 2022 International Book Awards in women’s fiction. Her poetry has appeared in several journals and anthologies. Georgina was born and raised in England and currently lives in Texas where she received her M.A. in English. She has taught writing for over 30 years at community colleges, private writing organizations, and one-on-one mentorships. She is currently finishing her second novel.

To learn more about Georgina, click here.