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Hear us Roar

Jan 27, 2022

It’s almost like this book had been waiting for Margaret to write it – she lived for a few years in France growing up, has always been fascinated by Napoleon’s story, and dreamed of someday writing a novel. Finally the stars aligned. Here how she was able to travel to the island of Elba in the middle of the Atlantic and actually stay in the house where Napoleon was exiled for the last four years of his life. And more importantly, hear the lost story of Albine de Montholon – a resident of the island and his last love.

Margaret Rodenberg's award-winning debut novel Finding Napoleon (She Writes Press, April 2021) includes an adaptation of Napoleon Bonaparte’s real attempt to write a romantic novel. Her passion for French history began when she lived in France as a young teen with her US Navy family. An avid traveler who has visited over sixty countries, she journeyed more than 30,000 miles to conduct Napoleonic research, including to St. Helena Island in the remote South Atlantic where Finding Napoleon takes place. She's a former businesswoman and a director of the Napoleonic Historical Society, a non-profit that promotes knowledge of the Napoleonic era. She’s as happy in a kayak as she is in a museum. She’s @margaretrodenberg on Instagram and on Facebook.

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