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Hear us Roar

Apr 7, 2022

Amanda came to novel writing from a background as an actress where she had previously penned scripts for herself and others both for films and on the stage, but found she had to use very different muscles when it came to crafting a novel-length story loosely based on a real-life situation she and her husband experienced in New York. But during the querying process, her years of going on auditions and her experiences with the subjective nature of casting helped her keep an even keel as she researched to find a home for her contemporary women’s fiction, first with agents and eventually through a small press/digital first approach.   

Amanda Johnson is an award-winning actor and the author of the women’s fiction novel East of Manhattan (June 2021). She is also a voiceover artist, host, and producer. She has written articles for Medium and About Amazon. As a screenwriter, her works include “Alice in Astoria” and “Babymoon” as well as the stage play “Jennie.” She is currently developing the television series “Tapestry Brewing” and is in pre-production for the proof-of-concept short film based on the series. After fifteen years on the east coast, Amanda now lives in her native Seattle with her family. Her favorite things are dark chocolate, the color lime green, playing on the beach with her son, Alice in Wonderland, and craft beer.

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