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Hear us Roar

Mar 24, 2022

Amanda talks about the book that gave her permission to write “outside the lines”, what she learned about her own life through exploring the narcissistic antagonist in her novel, and the process of identifying where her book fit on the genre shelf. She also takes us step by step through her process of learning, through podcasts and YouTube videos, how to create her own book on Vellum and launch it into the world, and her eventual decision to pull it back and do a total rebranding with a new cover and the addition of a Part 2.

Amanda Jane Schiller is an up and coming indie author of women’s fiction. Her stories follow women who are anything but the typical housewife, making imperfect and almost impossible decisions. She began writing the same month her son was born and started pursuing a Bachelors of Science in biology which she has since completed. Amanda lives in the Midwest with her son and two kitties and greatly enjoys spending her free time hiking, attending heavy metal concerts, and playing video games. 

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