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Hear us Roar

Oct 5, 2018

Ann talks about the extensive research she did for this WWII novel (including reading the seven volumes of Winston Churchill’s series TWICE), how her best marketing successes have been old-fashioned face-to-face contacts and using super-fans to spread the word, and how she’s working on a two-part video series to share what she learned about self-publishing with others considering this route.

Ann comes from a family of adventurous women. An immigrant twice herself (to Canada and to the USA,) she understands from personal experience the challenges of being uprooted, either by choice or not, and remaking a life in a new place. She writes historical fiction, flash fiction, and short non-fiction. She has published three fictional articles in the news magazine of the British Home Child Advocacy and Research Association, and is a guest blogger for the award winning writers' blog,  Writers in the Storm. 

A dual Canadian-US citizen, she resides in Mesa, Arizona with her husband, Art, and their Old English Sheepdog. She spends summers in Toronto, Canada, with family. When not writing, she can be found at the golf course, or making music with her church choir.

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