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Hear us Roar

May 25, 2023

Our guest this week is Chris Posti (Falling Apart, Falling for You, Elk Lake Publishing, April 2022). During the pandemic lockdown, Chris followed the sage wisdom of “write the book you’d like to read” and penned a coming-of-age story for women over fifty. Hear how a serendipitous shared birthday resulted in a publishing contract with a well-known Christian small press and how having a husband who owns a restaurant resulted in a unique marketing opportunity.   

Chris' debut novel, featured in this podcast, is the first in a planned series of three books and was recently named a Selah Awards Finalist. While self-employed as a career and executive coach, Chris also published four nonfiction books and wrote a newspaper column for the Sunday Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. She and her husband live in the Pittsburgh area. Other than writing, her favorite activity is being silly with her grandsons.

To learn more about Chris, click here.