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Hear us Roar

Dec 9, 2021

A tale of two women whose lives intersect in the 1970’s in Alaska, Dorothy’s  book not only reflects her own experiences when she lived for years in a remote scientific community near the Arctic Circle but also the power and lasting legacy of female friendships. We also discuss how she found her small press through another writer’s recommendation and how sometimes it’s necessary to jettison interesting back story in order to propel your story forward. .

Writer, editor, teacher, wife and mother, Dorothy Staley left the Arctic years ago, but it never left her. As the Naval Arctic Research Laboratory’s first science writer she interviewed nearly 800 scientists. After 5 years, when family responsibilities and job opportunities took her on a trajectory from the far north to the Deep South, she never stopped writing about the Arctic in her diaries, poems, short stories, and now her debut novel.

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