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Hear us Roar

May 18, 2023

Our guest this week is E.J. Tanda (Queen of Secrets, indie published, June 2022). The book Twilight had a profound effect on E.J. when she was suffering a low period in her life and she vowed to try her hand at moving people in the same way. Very much a pantser, her characters present themselves as fully formed and dictate the story to her. Her debut, inspired by a family story, features the unique perspective of a woman who becomes a mafia wife through an arranged marriage. We discuss why she decided to self-publish and how she worked with both a book editor and a marketing specialist to master the skills she launch her book into the marketplace.    

E.J. Tanda lives in Northern California with her husband and three sons. Growing up, she was surrounded by a large Italian family. With a rich, cultural background guiding her writing, she weaves her heritage throughout her stories. She graduated from Southern New Hampshire University with a degree in English and creative writing. When she isn’t writing, she travels the globe to gain experiences for her next book.

To learn more about E.J., click here.