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Hear us Roar

Dec 13, 2018

Jennifer describes how she did research for her novel about an American lawyer helping a Syrian woman who seeks asylum, how her best marketing pay-off has come through Facebook Reader’s groups and networking efforts like Authors18, and learn what a Noogler is. (You’re have to listen to find out)

A Midwest native, Jennifer made stops in Dallas, Charlottesville, and Boston before settling for good in Maryland. While she has an appreciation for the expansive beauty of the plains states, she hopes never to live landlocked again.

Jennifer attended Southern Methodist University and the University of Virginia School of Law, her law degree guiding her through the worlds of corporate law, tech startups, and court advocacy for foster children. She is an ardent consumer of podcasts and books that challenge her with compelling and unfamiliar topics. When she’s not writing or working her day job at Google, she’s crossing things off a never ending to-do list and hoping to catch that next sunset. Jennifer lives near Annapolis with her husband and two kids.

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