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Hear us Roar

Apr 20, 2023

Our guest this week is Jody Herpin (Relative Consequences, Indie Published, March 2022). Jody always starts any new writing project by getting to know her characters, which includes not only a lengthy questionnaire, but a “face to face” interview, and a visual portfolio, including facial features, how they dress, and how they move. Listen to hear the journey of her debut, her best advice to newer writers, and why querying too soon can backfire.

Jody Herpin is an award-winning author who writes with a Southern accent. A wife, mom, and Grams, she is an animal lover, painter, avid reader, and big fan of the Braves and Georgia Tech. Born in Savannah, Georgia, she currently lives in Metro Atlanta with her husband, Mike, and her dog, Bella.

In her writing, Jody uses pieces of her own life experience to create colorful characters, placing them in settings she has either visited or called home. Her novel, RELATIVE CONSEQUENCES, is set in Atlanta and Bonita Springs, Florida.

Jody's next project, the first novel in a series, takes place in the fictitious town of Sequoyah, which lies in a valley between the mountains of North Georgia. The story revolves around the Campbell family, whose youngest daughter has been missing for four years, and whose oldest daughter, a GBI Special Agent goes home to investigate a gruesome discovery at an ancient Cherokee Indian burial site.

To learn more about Jody, click here.