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Hear us Roar

Jun 30, 2022

In this podcast, we discuss how Kalyn suffered a miscarriage a few years ago and sought solace in fiction only to find very few books dealing with this life-changing event. This led to her writing her debut as a way to not only explore her own experience but also reach out to others in the same situation.  She re-wrote her manuscript four times, changing not only tense but point of view, but once finished, was offered a contract from all five of the small presses she queried and signed with one that offered wide distribution through not only on-line outlets like B & N, but placement in independent bookstores as well.

Although Kalyn has been writing most of her life, WHAT WE CARRY is her debut women's fiction novel. After suffering a miscarriage in 2017, Kalyn sought to write the book she wanted to read about loss and hope in the wake of grief. She is currently working on her next women's fiction project, EVERYTHING'S STILL THERE which delves into postpartum depression and the unlikely bonds that tie us together. This book releases with Alcove Press on 5/9/23. 

Kalyn lives on the south shore of Long Island with her husband, two daughters (3.5 years old and 20 months old) and very large German Shepherd, Layla. By day she is a professional horseback rider and owns her own equestrian business where she trains horses and riders how to jump. The barn has always been Kalyn’s happy place and you will see echoes of this in all of her work.

Before Kalyn began her career as a rider and author, she studied Biology and Biochemistry at Stonehill College with the intention of attending veterinary school and has worked at both large and small animal clinics in the New England area where she grew up. Instead of heading to vet school, she followed her passions and moved to NY to begin her career on the elite show jumping circuit. She now hopes to find the balance between her two loves- riding and writing- as she embarks on her career as an author.

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