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Hear us Roar

Dec 16, 2021

We talk with Kate Allen (Fear of Flying, Ambiguous Ink Press, March 2021) and discuss how she balances her work as a lawyer with her writing career, how writing a novel and wanting to see it published sooner rather than later sent her on a journey that resulted in her starting her own publishing company, and how her best advice for new authors is be braver about social media, that it can be fun and collaborative and essential for promoting your work.

Kate Allen is a serial multi-tasker and author of contemporary fiction. After obtaining her B.A. in English Literature she took a detour to law school and “daylights” as a lawyer. Her debut novel, Fear of Flying, is an intercontinental tale about love, friendship, and loss. In addition to writing, Kate is also co-founder of Ambiguous Ink Press and founder of, an online book magazine.

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