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Hear us Roar

Jul 5, 2019

Leslie’s definitely a pantser (“I let my character do the driving”) and had an epiphany a year ago – chasing agents and publishers wasn’t working for her. Wanting to see her work in print before she “croaked”, she took back control and the result is two novels released back to back in February of 2019. A Buddhist scholar for 30 years as well as a graphic designer, Leslie possesses a wry sense of humor that evident in her novel about a woman who hates being middle-aged, hates thong underwear, and after buying a gun, decides to do something about both.

Despite a useless Fine Arts degree, Leslie M. Rollins has spent much of her career in the world of direct marketing and graphic design. Her writing was done on the side, in the car, in bathrooms—yes, no keyboards! With the help of sadistic writers' groups, she learned to hone her craft. The muse drove her mad. A great procrastinator, yet she completed two novels (so far), Rollins has also managed her own business, traveled, and put her big toe on the path to Enlightenment via several Buddhist retreats. She has survived marriage and widowhood, and the loss of some lovely dogs. She currently resides with cats in Virginia.

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