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Hear us Roar

Apr 14, 2022

Our latest podcast is with Lyn Liao Butler (The Tiger Mom’s Tale, Berkeley, July 2021). Hear how Lyn taught herself to write by tearing apart (literally and figuratively) novels she enjoyed, analyzing their story structure, their characterizations, and their narrative arcs and how she is a stalwart plotter, often going months without writing a word while she’s planning her next book in her head. We discuss what it’s like to have your pub date pushed off not once but four times, what she’s learned by writing in two different genres (women’s fiction and suspense) and how she turned her blooper reels into a social media hit on Instagram as @lynliaobutler.


Lyn Liao Butler was born in Taiwan and moved to the States when she was seven. Before becoming an author, she was a professional ballet and modern dancer, and is still a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and yoga instructor. She is an avid animal lover and fosters dogs as well as volunteers with rescues.

When she is not torturing clients or talking to imaginary characters, Lyn enjoys spending time with her FDNY husband, their son (the happiest little boy in the world), their three stubborn dachshunds (Lokie, Mochi, Cash, and Pinot in heaven), sewing for her Etsy shop, and trying crazy yoga poses on a stand-up paddleboard. So far, she has not fallen into the water yet.  

To learn more about Lyn, click here.