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Hear us Roar

Sep 6, 2018

Sally shares how her non-fiction books led her to discover the joys of fiction , how a writing group prompt inspired this first novel, and her advice for anyone considering the self-publishing route.

Although Come Back is Sally’s first novel, she’s no stranger to writing. Shortly after losing her first husband, Sally published Find the Love of Your Life to share how she and Dave found each other. “We’d both been hurt, and were nearly ready to give up on love. And then we both gave it one more shot. Lucky, lucky us!” That last shot at love involved a strategy Sally had never tried before. “I stopped looking for the perfect guy – and instead got really clear about what I wanted in a relationship. I set a goal for that amazing relationship – and 3 weeks later, I met Dave. He came with lots of complications, including being blind. But in my goal, I never said my partner had to be able to see! My goal kept me honest and gave me the guts to give love with Dave a try. Thank all the stars I did!”

Several years after Dave died, Sally met Ray. “Our relationship is different than what I had with Dave. We’re both different people. But the essential components – what I really need – those are present in my relationship with Ray. I’d say lucky, lucky us – but it took and continues to take a lot of work to be so lucky!”