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Hear us Roar

Nov 3, 2022

Our podcast guest this week is Shirley Novack (The Story of … , Fulton Books, March 2022). Here how this project started as a homage to her Polish immigrant father but evolved into a sweeping saga of the hardships and triumphs of Eastern European families building a new life in America. An interior design career is an unlikely background for a novel writer but Shirley pursued her dream and can now be found most mornings either writing her next historical fiction or working out plot points on her daily walks.

Shirley B. Novack is a first-generation daughter of Polish and Russian immigrants.  She originally graduated from Fisher College in Boston with a degree in laboratory science, but after marrying and bringing up three children, she went back to school and graduated from Newbury College with a degree in interior design.  She has had a successful interior design practice since 1985, but her passion for writing was never far from the surface. Shirley resides in Framingham, Massachusetts, with her husband, Barry and their precious Havanese, Stevie Nicks.