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Hear us Roar

Jan 13, 2022

If you’re curious what it might be like to self-publish your work, this is a segment you’ll want to listen to.  Jensen is doing everything right – rapid release of three books in one series in one year (with another one coming in April), soaking up craft lessons from experts, being mentored by a seasoned indie author. She made the conscious decision to avoid the negativity of rejections from agents and publishers out of fear she’d lose the joy she’s found in writing and it seems to be paying off. Her enthusiasm and optimism will inspire you.  

Born and raised in a small town in Michigan, Jennifer married her high school sweetheart. She got a job, which she originally left college for, and over the course of a few years, she had two beautiful sons.

In December 2019, Jennifer found herself staring down the big 3-0. Having accomplished so much and at the same time, so little, she looked at the life she had made and knew something was missing.

When picking up a pen and putting it to paper, after an almost ten-year hiatus, she quickly fell back in love with the world of writing.

She made a pact with herself to do better with self-care and putting as much effort into her own happiness that she had put into the happiness of others. Doing so gave her space and energy to create and soon share, the characters that had only existed in her mind.

As our world continues to fight the stigma around mental health issues, Jennifer’s book series, Versions of Me, gives a glimpse into the mind of Harper Jones. In book one, The Vice, Harper—a twenty-eight year old woman—is struggling to cope with her past. As the life she has been living starts to crumble around her, she finds herself fighting not only external battles, but internal ones as well. The battles that she faces drive her motivation behind everything she does. They drive her need to drink, her need to be loved—her need to be the woman she once was.

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